Refrigeration Products
Hydraulic System
South Korea 3S pressure h

Widely used in cold storage, freezer, etc.
The length of capillary vessel can be customized.
Round model:
TMRC-040-33H 40 80
TMRC-120-33H 0-120 80
TMRC-120-32H 0-120 54
TMRC-040-32H 40-40 54
Strip model:
TMRC-040-32B 40
TMRC-120-32B 0-120

Steel Industry
Hydraulic systems designed for the continuous slab casters used in the steel industry

Water solenoid valve
PU225-08A Solenoid water valve
This product belongs to SHAKO and SHELE series from Taiwan.
The movable stainless steel core is extremely durable.
The solenoid coil is produced by NASS Corporation of Germany.

Vacuum pump
Small volume; light weight; slight vibration; low noise.
This vacuum pump can protect the gear part by absorbing extra water.
It has an internal radiation fan, so even after long time usage, the pump will
not be overheated.

Air pressure switch
Gas pressure difference switch (stationary)
Suitable for detecting (sensor) air pressure or fuel gas pressure.
Available in both adjustable and stationary types.
Have multiple adjusting ranges.
Without a pressure gauge, users can still easily setup the system by the regulating control.

3S pressure flexible capillary tube
Suitable for refrigerants such as CFC, HFC, and HCFC, natural gas, and ammonia water. Also appropriate for the new generation of refrigerants.

The interior is made of twining polyester material, significantly enhancing the material strength.

The operational temperature ranges from -40C to 130C.

The curving radii is small, which makes winding easy.

The tube can be customized into any length and form.

Korean 3S check valve, copper capillary tube

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